Swimmers Wellness Remedy

Malibu's Swimmer's Wellness Remedy dramatically improves the look and feel of your hair no matter how often you dive in! The treatment naturally removes all the hair-harsh elements from pool, spa, or ocean water. Revitalize your damaged and discolored hair, plus helps prevent the recurrence of brittle, damaged hair. Malibu Swimmer's Wellness Remedy removes and prevents “swimmers green hair” which is a copper buildup, and the culprit behind green discoloration. Soothe your dry, itchy scalp caused by hair-harsh chemicals found in pool water.  This treatment restores vibrancy, softness, shine, and swing. Notice a difference in only one treatment! Formulated using 100% vegan, food-grade, wellness ingredients all without preservatives, parabens, gluten, fragrance or sodium chloride (salt) added. See and feel the difference!

Hard Water Wellness

Hard water or well water can be harsh on your hair, turning it from brilliant to dull. Malibu Hard Water Wellness works to soften the effects of hard and well water. Detox your hair by removing the minerals that have deposited themselves on each strand. The treatment draws out even hard-to-budge hard water mineral deposits with a crystallized vitamin C wellness remedy. Plus, you can prevent future deposits of malicious minerals while removing discoloration and brassiness caused by iron or copper. After the detox, the treatment then infuses moisture, shine, and manageability with a targeted hard water wellness kit containing a daily shampoo and conditioner along with weekly wellness remedies. That way you will maintain your healthy hair. Go from dull to brilliant in one treatment!


Miracle Repair Treatment

Do you believe in miracles? Apply only one Malibu Miracle Repair Treatment and you will! Strengthen from within for immediate repair using a smart technology of gluten-free plant-derived proteins.  It is designed to seek out hair's weak spots and repair only where the damage has occurred. It truly can strengthen your hair from within. Feed your hair antioxidant vitamins B5 and E which helps replenish vital moisture. The Miracle treatment will eliminate breakage and dry split ends by stopping oxidation before it can cause damage. Repair your locks with gluten-free plant-derived proteins to restore shine and bounce. Then maintain and keep your hair strong with a kit complete with a wellness shampoo and conditioner, plus a weekly wellness remedy. One treatment and you will believe in miracles!

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