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What is Brazilian b3? How to Keep Your Color all Summer Long!

brazilian b3

Every summer hairstylists help us battle the things we all love the most about the season: the sun, chlorine, salty seawater, and humidity. Nothing destroys beautiful summery color and highlights faster than these four biggest offenders. In addition to killing color, the summer also tends to leave our hair dry and brittle, thirsty for moisture. Luckily we have a solution! The makers of the original Brazilian Blowout have launched their Brazilian b3 line (Brazilian Bond Builder). This miraculous system will not only help you keep your hair color all summer, but revitalize your locks. The results are like nothing else you have ever tried!

In the Studio

The Brazilian b3 product line includes a professional tool that can be mixed into any color formulation to help re-attach and build bonds for stronger healthier hair with every color service. Why is this revolutionizing the way stylists color our hair? The one-step system reinforces the bonds that comprise the cellular membrane complex of the hair. This enhances the cuticle and cortex cells that are responsible for supporting your hair's structure. The technology reduces breakage and repairs and prevents damage during color services. Therefore, b3 improves the structural integrity of your hair as well as prolong color retention and vibrancy. Plus, you will experience all these benefits with no additional processing time! Miraculous indeed.

At Home

Continue to care for your locks once you leave the salon with the line of take-home Brazilian b3 products, including the shampoo and conditioner. One in particular that we love is the Instant Restore & Protect Reconstructor. This intense reparative treatment fortifies the hair and reduces damage while extending color life and restoring softness. It is formulated with the same groundbreaking technology found in the b3 professional formula. So, now you can fight off daily styling and heat damage and have hair that is noticeably healthier and stronger with this in-home weekly treatment.

The b3 Science

What makes b3 Brazilian Bond Builder so effective? A specially engineered copolymer combined with a high-purity targeted delivery system. Resulting in an advanced system that re-attaches and builds the bonds that comprise the hair's cellular membrane complex. Meaning, it improves the hair from the inside out and prolongs color retention and vibrancy between appointments. Another bonus? b3 is NOT an add-on service.

Experience the Difference

Break color boundaries with the Brazilian b3 system. It re-attaches and builds bonds. It improves your hair's structural integrity. It allows for more creative freedom. Every color, every client, every time. Remarkably healthier, stronger more vibrant hair. All the stylists here at Style and Tranquility love this product and cannot rave enough about it. Brazilian b3 not only helps you keep your color all summer long but improves the structure of your hair. Schedule your appointment today and experience the miraculous difference!

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