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What’s the Difference Between Ombre and Balayage?

What’s the Difference Between Ombre and Balayage?

There is no doubt that Ombre and Balayage are all the rage in the hair fashion world. We certainly get many requests for the style. But recently we started asking our clients if they really know what the methods are, or if they knew the difference between Ombre and Balayage. The responses were surprising. The majority of our clients either confused the two, or were not sure what the techniques were. Well, we knew we had to change that! Knowledge is power. We want you to make an educated request. Furthermore, our mission is providing the best services and beauty advice. Therefore, you get what you envision. So, what is the difference? Ombre is better described as the hairstyle, while balayage is better defined as the technique. Read on for all the details!

The Ombre Described.

As far as hair fashion is concerned ombre is the style. It a French word translated into "shadow." For hair, ombre is a gradual transition from a darker shade to a lighter shade. Generally, it works best on brunettes or dark blonde hair. For brunettes, the transformation, is a bit more dramatic, while on blondes it can be subtle. When compared to balayage the ombre is a more noticeable, daring look. It has been compared with color blocking due to that there are no dark pieces left on the bottom. The color is applied horizontally first at the bottom and blended through towards the top. The best ombre, while striking, must result in a smooth transition from the dark to the lighter color

The Balayage Defined.

In the hair fashion world, balayage refers to the technique. it is also a French word, which translated means "to sweep." When applying the color, your stylist sweeps the color through small triangle sections of the hair. The result is a more natural transition into the lighter color. Unlike the ombre, where the bottom is the same lighter color, balayage leaves darker pieces at the bottom to create dimension. Further, while ombre is horizontal, the balayage is vertical color placement. The result? Natural sun-kissed highlights artfully placed throughout the hair.

Why All the Confusion?

Consider that both ombre and balayage are a more interpretive application. Whereas, with highlights or all-over color, the techniques are more precise, ombre and balayage require artful skill. Hence, we think most of our clients confuse the two because they see stylists painting and sweeping for these applications rather than using foils or an allover application starting at the roots.

The Good News.

The best thing about the two styles? Anyone can rock them! Plus, they can even be used together. What's more, for those who always wanted to go bold with color, but were hesitant of all-over applications, these are the perfect way to add a fun pop of color. Many clients initially asked about the higher sticker price. The applications may cost a little bit more than the traditional methods. However, they require way less maintenance, so it all evens out in the end. Remember, all hair color maintenance demands properly continued hair care, though. Talk to your stylist about the best products, such as our Brazilian or Unite lines. Depending upon your style, we will formulate the best maintenance routine for you!

Contact Style and Tranquility today and book a color consultation. Our talented colorists will once again go over the difference between ombre and balayage. From there we can determine which is the best for achieving your desired look. Book your appointment now!

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