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What is Scalp Dermabrasion? Skin Care Does Not Stop at Your Face

Healthy hair, nails, and skin is a beauty goal. We spend countless hours exfoliating, applying serums and moisturizers, and researching the best vitamin supplements. Many of us neglect one vital aspect of our beauty routine, our scalp. And as you would go to the spa for a facial or special treatment for your face, you should go to the salon for one for your scalp. Some of the many benefits of scalp dermabrasion include reducing hair loss and healthier new hair growth.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Healthy hair is dependent on a healthy scalp. A dry, flaky scalp indicates your scalp is not as healthy as it needs to be. Medicated dandruff shampoos are often tough on your tresses and may not effectively treat the root of the problem. Gentle exfoliation and treatment should concentrate on your scalp. Removing dead skin and product build-up, scalp dermabrasion unclogs the hair follicles. Additionally, like a facial, steam is used, which opens your pores and follicles. This allows natural oils to better reach your hair. The treatment makes it easier to grow strong hair and stop hair loss. The oils strengthen and moisturize, which strengthens and improves a dull, dry, and brittle mane.

Renew, Regeneration, Revitalization

The exclusive salon dermabrasion service speeds skin cell regeneration at the surface by as much as 35 percent! And similar to facials, this even improves with repeated treatments. The professional treatment utilizes an exclusive concentrated vitamin formula that not only stops premature hair loss but clears up a flaky, itchy scalp. Consider that our scalps are practically begging for treatment after excessive sweating, wearing hats, and product build-up. While detoxifying shampoos help, these scalp treatments reduce inflammation and revitalize your skin.

Detox Unhealthy Environmental Factors

Regular scalp dermabrasion is especially beneficial for those living in the city, or those with well water. Environmental toxins from exhaust and industrial chemicals can settle on the head wreaking havoc. These treatments combine scalp massage with nutrients and antioxidants that clean, condition and exfoliate your scalp. The additional steps remove toxins and rebalance scalp moisture, which protects and strengthens your hair strands.

Expert Professional Scalp Care

Contact Style and Tranquility today and make an appointment for scalp dermabrasion treatment. Call (410) 216-2901 or Click here.


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