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Product Spotlight: Davines The Circle Chronicles

We are in love with all things Davines right now. And how could we not? The company works tirelessly in its efforts for sustainability. From the environmentally friendly packaging to their energy-efficient manufacturing plants, they are creating some of the best cruelty-free all-natural beauty products out there. Davines prides itself in producing a superior product. And the world is taking notice. Check out this month's product spotlight: Davines The Circle Chronicles.

Hair Masking for Modern Living

We all know that for lush locks we have to apply a hair mask at least weekly. The complaints we generally hear is that hair masking it too time-consuming, or that it is too heavy and that next day styling is impossible. Davines The Circle Chronicles line of deep conditioning products has virtually shattered all hair-masking myths. Not only can you nourish your hair in minutes, but you can also detoxify, add shine, etc. You can pretty much cover every need, including deep nourishment and customized care for your roots and scalp. How you use The Circle Chronicles is entirely up to you! Want to learn more about getting targeted results for your hair's unique and ever-changing needs?

The 411 on Hair-Masking for Your Needs

  • The Restless Circle -- This invisible mask is perfect for those who are super active. You take care of their hair while carrying out other activities! The Restless circle provides body and elasticity. Additionally, it protects the hair from mechanical breakage, such as friction with hair clips and elastics. It is also a detangler and super hydrating.

  • The Let It Go Circle -- Want to experience a real well-being hair care event? The Let It Go Circle is a relaxing scalp and hair mask that offers softness, hydration for hair and scalp needing a break. Both relaxing and hydrating, providing a bit of a well-deserved escape.

  • The Renaissance Circle -- Think your overly damaged hair is beyond repair? Think again! The Renaissance Circle is a repairing mask that restores a healthy look to your hair. After one application, you will once again have shiny, nourished, and soft tresses. This product is perfect for people who use hot tools.

  • The Quick Fix Circle -- Experience immediate results with this regenerating hair mask. In only three minutes, the Quick Fix Circle moisturizes and untangles your hair leaving it soft, silky, and workable. In a hurry? This hair mask if for you!

  • The Wake Up Circle -- Has your hair been through a stressful situation or been exposed to extreme atmospheric conditions? Revive tired and dull locks with The Wake Up Circle. This invigorating mask gives energy and volume, plus restores the tone and hydration to your scalp.

  • The Purity Circle -- Detox and revitalize your tresses with The Purity Circle. It is an anti-oxidant mask for scalp and hair stressed by environmental factors. Perfect for city-dwellers as it eliminates impurities caused by pollution, dust, heavy metals.

  • The Spotlight Circle -- Provide your hair with a boost of shine that enhances your color and cut, all without weighing your style down. Never have dull hair again! The Spotlight Circle is ideal for all hair types.

Revive and Repair Your Hair Right Now!

Are you ready to experience the Davines difference? Right now, at Style and Tranquility, we are offering special pricing on all The Chronicles Circle Treatments. For $45, you receive the treatment of your choice plus, as a bonus, a take-home hair mask product as well! Nourish your locks like never before. Schedule your appointment today!

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