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Should I Get a Brazilian Blowout?

Most people have a pretty good idea about what Brazilian Blowout is. However, many mistakenly believe that Brazilian Blowout is "Not for me." Or "Not for my hair type." That couldn't be furthest from the truth! When my clients ask me, "Should I get a Brazilian Blowout?" My short answer is always, "Yes!" Here is a list of other common questions about Brazilian Blowout.

What Is Brazilian Blowout?

The Brazilian Blowout is a hair treatment that uses liquid keratin formula that bonds to hair creating a protective layer around each hair strand. The technique effectively reduces if not wholly removes hair frizz by sealing the cuticle and protecting against external damage to your hair. As the name suggests, the Brazilian Blowout originated in Brazil and uses ingredients indigenous to the country.

Is Brazilian Blowout for My Hair Type?

Yes! Here is where many clients may misunderstand the purpose of BB. It smooths frizz and can reduce curl leaving your hair straight, smooth, and shiny. But, BB is also ideal for curly hair! It is a good treatment option for anyone who struggles with coarse, frizzy, or uncontrollably curly hair. Everyone wants hair that’s easier to manage with shorter styling times, less heat, and better styling results. After BB treatment you still have the option to wear your hair curly or wavy or straight. Plus will be able to style in minutes! And if you have straight hair, it will look silkier, shinier, and healthier. In short, BB treatments are excellent for virtually all hair textures and styles.

Will Brazilian Blowout Completely Straighten My Hair?

Brazilian Blowout can be used to temporarily smooth and straighten your hair, but only if that’s what you want. If you have curly or wavy hair, but don’t want completely straight hair, but your goal is reducing frizz and amazing shine, then a BB treatment is ideal. BB puts the power in your hands! It’s entirely up to you to decide what style you want with your technique. When you schedule a treatment, it includes an in-depth consultation where we carefully review all your goals and the desired outcome.

Is Brazilian Blowout Safe?

YES! Further, not only is it safe, but BB treatment helps to improve the shine and moisture in your hair strands. It helps to deposit keratin and Amino Acids that are missing from your hair structure. The BB essentially fills in the potholes that have occurred in your hair cuticle over time. It then coats the outside of the hair to seal them in. BB fades over time and doesn’t change the chemical structure or bonds of your hair. Plus, it’s safe on colored, highlighted, or previously straightened hair. If you have safety concerns, we can most definitely address them during the consultation. Remember though, above all, it is imperative to receive BB ONLY from a licensed and certified stylist.

How Long Does It Take for Brazilian Blowout?

Here are the basics:

  1. I will clarify your hair 2-3 times with a specially formulated shampoo to remove all product residue and create a clean base to allow for the treatment to properly adhere.

  2. Working section by section, the BB formula is applied from root to tip, then blow-dried smoothly.

  3. A flat iron heated between 350-450 degrees (depending on your hair type and desired result) will seal it in the product.

  4. The product is thoroughly rinsed from the hair and a bond-building spray is applied.

  5. Your hair will once again be blow-dried smooth.

How Long Will A Brazilian Blowout Last?

Most BB treatments can last up to three to five months. Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates and/or chlorine. It is always recommended that you use BB at-home care products, these will not only guarantee amazing results it will help with the longevity of the service. As your treatment wears off, your hair slowly returns to its natural curl/wave pattern. You’ll begin to see the change near your hairline first. This will be your sign that it is time to schedule your next BB treatment. However, unlike other straightening methods, BB wears off gradually. You will not experience an obvious line of demarcation between the previously treated hair and new growth. In my experience getting these treatments regularly really help them to stay just a little longer each time.

Should I Get a Brazilian Blowout?

While considering a BB treatment here are some factors we will discuss during your consultation:

  • Is your hair coarse, curly, or extremely thick?

  • Do you consider your hair smooth, but "poofy?"

  • Does your hair fall limp or frizz out at the first sign of humidity?

  • Does your hair stick out and not lay flat when it's down, even after you style it with a heat tool?

  • Are you spending way too much time and applying way too much product to achieve your desired style?

  • If you answer yes to any of these questions, then BB treatment is for you!

Final thoughts? Brazilian Blowout is almost guaranteed to improve your hair's texture and shine and make your style manageable in minutes. Contact me at Style and Tranquility studio today and schedule your BB consultation and service.


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