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Now is the Time to Try Brazilian Blowout Limited Time Specials

The Brazilian Blowout

Have you been dying to try Brazilian Blowout but keep putting it off for the perfect time? You have put in the footwork researching, checking out all the incredible before and after shots, and chatting with friends and family who have experienced the amazing results. So, you know that Brazilian Blowout creates beautiful, hydrated, bouncy, frizz-free locks for all seasons.

Well, honestly, there couldn't be a better time, than right now.

Because, we are about to offer a sweet deal.

Try Brazilian Blowout for only $315...

Plus receive $70 in take-home maintenance products to keep your Blowout looking stunning even longer.

Brazilian Blowout Maintanence products

All told for a total of $85 in savings!

Still not convinced? Ok, why not try adding a B3 Brazilian Bond Builder conditioning treatment to any color service for $40?

It is clinically shown to reattach the bonds broken during color service and not only reduce damage but improve color retention with no additional processing time.

B3 works at the cellular level to repair and strengthen your locks from the inside out! When you mix it with your color formation, you get vibrant color and resilient, healthier hair.

Now is the perfect time to try Brazilian Blowout! Considering that the treatment protects your hair from weather extremes, the winter time is deal for the Brazilian Blowout. It will safeguard your locks from the extra dry, hot indoor air and the frigid outdoor air. And as another bonus? It combats annoying winter static, and dramatically reduces styling time.

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