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Davines Finest Pigments

As the temperatures start to warm up, and the days get longer, the Spring has us craving color!

If you have you always wanted to try fun color but, were afraid of the commitment, there is a perfect solution:

Davines Finest Pigments

Davines Finest Pigments is a direct color line that is formulated with between 95-98 percent naturally derived ingredients. It is fast and straightforward to use, ammonia free, does not require an activator, and immediately colors hair. This gentle color system lasts for around 8-10 shampoos.

Use it to add temporary fun and vibrant hues to create a unique style. Or, utilize it to intensify your natural color, add shine, or revive already color-treated hair. Use it to tone, or camouflage white or grey hair. Finest Pigments is also exceptional for toning highlights and for finding creative solutions to bleached hair.

As a compliment to the color gloss, Davines offers its Alchemic Shampoos and Conditioners.

Formulated with Vitamin B and Jojoba Oil for advanced protection, shine, and softness. Plus the rich pigmentation can either be used alone or in combination with the Finest Pigments to enhance your further colors and add staying power. Alchemic is up to 98% Biodegradable and 88% naturally-derived, and like all Davines products are Paraben, Sulfite, and Silicone-Free.

Style and Tranquility Studio of Annapolis is excited to present the Davines line of hair products to our clients. And, as a way to deliver the Finest Pigments, we are offering an incredible introductory offer.

For a limited time, a Davines Finest Pigment Gloss combined with a blowdry is only $65. This is a $105 value! Now is the ideal time try a vibrant and unique look, enhance your natural tones, or revive your color treated hair. Book your appointment today!

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