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The Best Prom Hairstyles

It is prom season! And, we are just as excited as you are. This is our favorite time of year. Whether you are going with a date, your best friend, or as a group, we understand that prom prep is paramount. As your special day gets closer, surely you are spending your time finding the perfect dress and accessories. But, that still leaves one of the most significant questions: how should you wear your hair? We have some tips on the best prom hairstyles and categories that will compliment you, your dress and accessories. This year leave everyone breathless with your completed prom look!

Up-Dos The quintessential prom hairstyle. Hairstylists have gotten super creative with updos, and many times, your completed style is unique to you. This look is perfect if you want to show off a dress with killer back detailing or an embellished neckline or a glamorous necklace. A fancy up-do will keep the hair out of your face as you dance all night! Plus, it gives you an opportunity to glam up your makeup. Depending on your dress style you could choose a slick, classic French twist, an elegant low side bun, a trendy top knot or a boho messy braided combination.

Down Even if you always wear your hair down, prom offers a great opportunity to glam up your style. Consider a classic Hollywood look such as big curls and voluminous locks. Wear the whole look swept to one side with a glamorous hair barrette. Or try a sleek middle part with super straight hair either loose or tucked behind your ears. This is an excellent way to highlight cool earrings. These elegant styles are sure to enhance your hair's natural beauty.

Half-Up If the focus if your dress is the very front, you may want to consider wearing a half up hairstyle. That way you can both emphasize your dress and your hair, while also showing off your stunning face. Once again, depending on your dress style you can rock a slick look or loose boho curls. The front can either incorporate a bump, a side or a middle part. Additionally, this style allows you to have a ton of fun with braids, twists and accessories. It is the perfect way to combine the first two looks and create a style all your own!

Ponytail Do not make the mistake of discounting the ponytail! This style is so versatile and always in style. Whether you opt for the slick backed rocker or Snooki bump, add curls to make it even more fun. You can choose to show off the hair tie or conceal it for a polished finish. Ponytails keep your hair out of your face and are super fun as you dance the night away. Bonus: wearing your hair up may keep you cooler on the dance floor!

Braids There is no end to the styles created using braids. Whether to the side, down the back or combined with twists and buns, braids allow you add texture and flair. Chunky, messy braids, french braid, and cornrows are fashionable and trendy. You can partner this style pretty much any dress from boho to sleek and plain to sequenced. Accessories can be clipped in after or weaved throughout.

Short If your hair is short there are many options as well! If you have a pixie, and your bangs are long enough, you can try a french braid across the forehead, or wear an embellished headband with jewels, feathers, or flowers. If your hair is a little longer, you may be able to take advantage of braided or twisted styles, half up. You can even opt for loose short beachy waves or big curls on curls.

Temporary Color Want to enhance your look without the commitment to a temporary color? Try Davines Finest Pigments, a line of temporary color. The product adds color and shine and will not damage hair. It is formulated with between 95-98 percent naturally derived ingredients. It is fast and straightforward to use, ammonia free, does not require an activator, and immediately colors hair. This gentle color system lasts for around 8-10 shampoos. A fun way to add color without the commitment!

Extensions Have you always wanted long, luxurious locks, but cannot seem to grow your hair out? Hotheads Hair Extensions are a great option if you are looking to make a statement at prom. They are made of human hair and use an adhesive weft that is applied without the need for tools or heat. Consider the elegant updos or beautiful long beachy waves. This product is versatile, high-quality, and long-lasting. Honestly, we think once you try them once, you will want to wear them all year long!

Contact Style and Tranquility today to schedule an appointment for a free style consultation. Bring in your dress and any accessories you are considering. We will work with you to formulate the very best prom hairstyle and create your unique look!

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