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Sustainable Beauty...More Than Just a Buzz Phrase!

Over the past few years, the Sustainable Beauty Movement has gained traction in the industry. As we become more environmentally aware of fashion's colossal carbon footprint, many people are seeking ways to be glamorous yet still kind to the Earth. According to environmental leader ADEC Innovations the global demand for organic, animal and planet-friendly personal care products is expected to rise to 13.2 billion USD in 2018. Furthermore, they forecast that by 2020 the figure could jump as high as almost 16 billion USD. However, consumers must be aware that just because a company labels its product "organic" or "environmentally-friendly" or "cruelty-free", it may not be sustainable at all. Industry leaders refer to this practice as "greenwashing" and consumers must take heed. So, then, what quantifies a company as

producing sustainable beauty?

Read on to learn how this is way more than just a buzzword!

Rising Demand for Sustainable Beauty Surprising research and environmental group movements have created considerable interest and demand for sustainable beauty. Social responsibility is beneficial for everyone on the planet and corporations are taking notice. It is a hot topic not only because of increased earth-friendly global standards, but because companies recognize the profitability in it. Studies have shown that implementing sustainable practices has many benefits, including enhanced brand image and increased customer loyalty. Consumers are driving the movement because they demand better products. Soon sustainability will not be the exception, but the expectation. While there are plenty of manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, spas, and salons claiming to be sustainable it is imperative for consumers to educate themselves.

Read and Understand Labels and Terminology Before buying any sustainable beauty product it is not only important to read all labels, but, also understand what you are reading. Know that "natural" and "organic" do not mean the same thing. Natural products may be produced using elements grown using chemicals and pesticides. Also, look out for ingredients such as parabens and sulfates--commonly listed as methylparaben, ethylparaben, and isobutyl paraben-- which are proven carcinogens. Sulfates, such as sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate, are known allergens. Lastly, look for labels the show third-party verification, such as certified USDA Organic, or Seal of Good Housekeeping.

Sustainable Beauty Pest Practices For a product, business, or brand to be honestly sustainable there are several factors they must meet. Are they using all environmentally friendly ingredients? Are the products packaged in eco-conscious containers? How green are the internal operations, distribution, and marketing practices? What is the company's culture regarding community outreach and socially responsible programs? Here are some other things to look for:

  • The company's assessment and report for carbon, energy, water and waste, environmental impacts.

  • The company's mission statement includes the development of an overall strategic sustainability plan.

  • Transparent report on efforts for reduction of energy and water usage.

  • Details regarding waste reduction in company operations and/or manufacturing.

  • Partnerships with nonprofit environmental organizations and other critical ecological stake-holders.

  • Culture of sustainability within organization daily operations.

  • Sustainable purchasing and packaging practices

  • Integration of green building and facility design.

Davines is Leading the Way

Davines is one such company and is leading the industry into the sustainable beauty future! Their company sustainability manifesto emphasizes "the responsibility we owe to ourselves, the people with which we work, our customers, and the world in which we live and operate." Not only is Davines on the cutting edge with product development, but they also have one of the best eco-conscious production facilities in the world! They take sustainability very seriously and incorporate it into their everyday operations. And, most importantly their hair care products are amazing! Their mission clearly states; "Our aim is to inspire and improve the work-life quality of worldwide beauty professionals through concepts, products, and services that will allow them to offer unique experiences to their clients." From color to pomades and shampoos and conditioners, Davines has a full line of hair care products. Look beautiful, and feel right about it.

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