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Salon Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Every year as Valentine's Day approaches many of us stress over figuring out the best gifts for our loved ones. This year skip the typical. You know the V-Day big three: chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. Sure, most people would probably love to add a little bling to their collection. But, why not get them a give that is both luxurious and practical? For that, you need to look no further than your hair salon. Get your loved one a gift they will love — hair products, tools, and services from your favorite salon. Here are some excellent salon gift ideas for Valentine's day.

Products Salon hair products might seem pricey as compared to the bottles lining the grocery and drug store shelves. And that is for a good reason. Those products are jam-packed with fillers and chemicals that actually damage hair! Further, while it seems like you are getting a great deal buying that jumbo bottle, the product is highly diluted, and void of the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to be healthy. A tiny bottle from the salon is meant to last just as, if not longer, than those jumbo deals. Plus, one little bottle enriches the hair, thus making it healthier. Lastly, higher grade salon product companies pride themselves in creating sustainable cruelty-free products, which are better for the environment. Click photo to learn more about our products of the month!

Tools We have all seen styling tools advertised on social media or packing the shelves of favorite discount retail stores. We implore you to think twice before purchasing such items. These products usually do not deliver the results promised. Furthermore, discounts stores do not have to reveal where their shipments came from, so you never know if the tools are authentic. There is a reason why you cannot duplicate that "salon style" at home. Sure, the stylist has studied technique, but she also the proper tools to achieve it. From ionic ceramic blowdryers to damage free brushes or superior quality straightening irons and curling wands. When you purchase from your salon, every product is guaranteed. Additionally, many salons have an exchange program where you can trade in your old tools for discounts towards buying upgrades!

other salon services

Services We are all creatures of habit. Even when we go to the salon. The usual cut and color. Why not purchase salon upgraded services for Valentine's Day? Winter is the perfect time for deep conditioning treatments. Or perhaps eyebrow waxing or upper lip bleaching while wait for hair processing? Or treat yourself or a loved one to a full day, massage, color, cut, waxing! Explore all the service options on the salon menu!

This year, give the gifts they can actually use and love! Visit your stylist for more suggestions for salon gift ideas for Valentine's day. Check out all their holiday specials. You will be supporting local business and giving your loved one a gift they will treasure!

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