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Use Unite and Get The Hair You Want: Voluminous or Super Sleek

Just as in most of life, the following saying is especially true with our hair: "You always want what you do not have." Right? If you have curly hair, you spend your days dreaming of sleek, freeze-free, shiny tresses. If you have straight, smooth hair that is resistant to any humidity, you long for bouncy plumped up locks worthy of the hair commercial flip. We are here to tell you that you can finally have the hair you want! Now with Unite BOOSTA and Unite LAZER STRAIGHT products, you can defy genetics, humidity, static and create the look of which you have always dreamed. Finally get the hair you want -- voluminous or super sleek!

Gimme Volume

BOOSTA shampoo boasts an addicting, creamy, thick lather that builds body, weightless volume. After using it only once you will see and feel the difference. The shampoo leaves your hair moisturized with a beautiful, healthy sheen. Some of the essential ingredients responsible for the transformation include fatty acids from coconut oil and ProVitamin B. The BOOSTA Conditioner is the perfect companion to BOOSTA Shampoo. It is nourishing and weightless while at the same time offers unparalleled long-lasting body and volume. It keeps your strands shiny, and roots lifted all day thanks to ingredients including green tea extract, ProVitamin B, and fatty acids from Shea Tree Fruit. Want an even bigger boost? Follow with your favorite UNITE volumizing styling products to complement the system and complete your look.

Super Sleek

We all love the way our hair looks and smells when we leave the salon, wouldn't you agree? Now you can take that home with you! LAZER STRAIGHT Shampoo is a delicious way to define and control any unruly tresses. From curls, tangles, and frizz, this product delivers. It smooths out even the most stubborn hair with a weightless shine. And did we mention it smells super tasty? Follow the shampoo up with LAZER STRAIGHT Conditioner, and it tames frizz and fly-aways like no other. You will be delighted with the mastery, ensuring a smooth, sleek style, shine, and weightless moisture. Some of the vital ingredients include sugar cane, sunflower seed extract, and oil from the Kernels Arganil Spinosa Tree. Unite LAZER STRAIGHT calms the hair cuticle without weighing your hair down and adds a bright shine. Imagine -- sleek, bouncy, shiny, not flat tresses.

UNITE is Unique

All Unite products are unisex and color protecting. They never contain sulfates, parabens, or sodium chloride. They are also vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. A favorite of stylists in salons, on the runways, and in Hollywood for years, you can now bring that luxury home. Furthermore, when you purchase from a registered salon, all Unite products are 100 percent guaranteed. Trust us, Unite products are worth the investment!

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